Wife plural

The plural form of wife is wives. Find more words!The plural of wife is wives. The noun wife adheres to the standard rules for forming the plurals of nouns in English (shown in the table below). plural of. The answer to this is both. Depending on the context, you can use either. The singular possessive of the word wife is wife’s. However, the. The meaning of PLURAL WIFE is a wife in a plural marriage especially : a wife in unlawful polygamy who is not the lawful one.EnglishEdit. NounEdit · plural wife (plural plural wives). A co-wife in a polygamous marriage. quotations ?. 2012, Steve Cuno, Joanne Hanks, It’s Not About.

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Leaf plural

noun, plural leaves [leevz]. /livz/. one of the expanded, usually green organs borne by the stem of a plant.NounEdit plural leaves or leafs · A moveable (botany) A foliage leaf or any of the many and often considerably different structures it can specialise into.Leaf Plural: The plural form of leaf is leaves. Few commuters on buses and trains leaf through magazines or newspapers. He leafs through all the. Well, the plural of the leaf is leaves. Mostly, the singular noun ends with F, and when you change it to -es, it becomes plural. The plants which are almost. The plural form of leaf is leaves. The answer is:. Helpful(0). Interesting(.

Sheep plural

The plural form of the word “sheep” is sheep only. It comes under the few exceptions of the English language which do not change their form when changed to. owca. sheep. 1. ?ród?o: Kurs angielskiego eTutor · sheep = owca. Zdanie po angielsku i t?umaczenie po polsku. The farmer has 20 sheep. = Rolnik ma 20 owiec.Like as it is with fish or deer, sheep is the plural form of the singular noun sheep as a collective noun. There is an argument to be had that. Plural of sheep is sheep not sheep. This is one of the most common errors made by students. Some other words whose plural forms remain the same are hair, fish, The reason “sheep” doesn’t have a separate plural form is by chance. The Old English word for “sheep” (sceap) belonged to a set of nouns.

Loaf plural

Singular, Plural loaf, loaves. Word forms: plural loaves , 3rd person singular present tense loafs, present participle loafing, past tense, past participle loafed plural loaves , 3rd person. The plural of loaf is loaves.NounEdit. loaf (plural loaves). (also loaf of bread) A block of bread after baking. quotations ?.To obtain the plural form of the word loaf, you need to drop the ‘f’ and add ‘ves’. Hence, the plural form would be loaves.

Roof plural

The standard plural form in BrE is roofs, but there is an occasional, and recognized, minority form rooves, which will disturb many people.The Simple English Wikipedia has an article on: Roof. roof. Plural · roofs or rooves. Roofs. (countable) A roof is the top part of a building.Roof definition: The roof of a building is the covering on top of it that. Word forms: plural roofspronunciation note: The plural can be pronounced. Hi Barrie! “Roofs” is the plural of roof in all varieties of English. Rooves is an old secondary form, and it still appears occasionally by. Roofs is the correct plural form. Rooves is a spelling error that should be avoided. Contents [hide]. 1.

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