Why does 45 degrees maximum range

The textbooks say that the maximum range for projectile motion (with no air resistance) is 45 degrees. How do you get this? Here we go.In a friction free environment no – atmosphere- that would be 45°. At 90°-straight up) it would not go horizontally at all. At 0° gravity would bring it down to. When the drag force is taken into account, maximum distance requires that the launch angle is less than 45 degrees. As ball speed increases, so does the. The projectile launched at 45-degree does not win in either category, yet the fact that it is able to place a strong showing in each category contributes to its. Now why it is 45 is a matter of calculus. If you write down the equations (they are fairly simple), air time is going to be proportional to.

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what is the best angle to throw a ball at for maximum range

Figure 1 illustrates the effect of launch angle on the range of a. The Max. Height is the height that the projectile has when it is at its highest point.What is the best angle to throw a ball at for maximum range? If there were no air resistance, you would get the maximum distance by throwing at a 45° angle. In the presence of wind-resistance, the optimal throwing angle drops below 45 degrees for very fast throws. The second, descending part of the. 45 degree angle for a projectile gives you the maximum distance in a vacuum, but air resistance, as pointed out, changes that a little.In cases such as the shot put where the ball is launched from a certain height above ground level, the best launch angle is also less than 45 degrees. One way.

maximum horizontal range

Maximum Horizontal Range. Solution: The correct answer is b.) From Question #3, we know that if the initial launch height is the same as.The horizontal range of a projectile is the distance along the horizontal plane it would travel, before reaching the same vertical position as it started from.The maximum horizontal range of a projectile is 400m.The maximum value of height attained by it will be? 45? 45? 45? 45? 1?2If this is in context of projectile motion, the horizontal range is the same as the maximum range for a given firing.Maximum horizontal distance travelled by a projectile is called it’s range. It is maximum for angle of projection of 45 degrees.

why is 45 degrees the best launch angle reddit

Why does a Launch Angle of 45 Degrees not get the Highest Amount of Horizontal Displacement or Range if we take Air Resistance into Account?For the most basic set of assumptions and air resistance assumptions one gets that the maximum angle is less than 45 degrees. The exact value depends on the. Therefore, the best angle to throw a javelin is not 45º. I can’t relate F, m and theta (launch angle). Now repeat that launch but at 45 degrees.Unless you launch it completely horizontal and the ground is perfectly flat the entire. So ignoring air 45 degrees is always the best angle for distance.Dumb physics question here I’m sure. But in general, the best angle to launch something to maximize the distance it lands is 45 degrees.

how does the launch angle affect the range of a projectile

1.1) How does the angle of the projectile affect its range? — Answer: C Explanation: Maximum range occurs at a launch angle of 45°.initial velocity · launch angle · maximum height · time of flight · final velocity · launch height · horizontal range of the projectile. Range of Projectiles. In this assignment, my aim is to see how the angle at which an object is fired affects the horizontal distance it travels.A well-known conclusion from elementary ballistic trajectory analysis is that the horizontal range of a projectile is maximized for a launch. The maximum height is determined by the initial vertical velocity. Since steeper launch angles have a larger vertical velocity component, increasing the launch.

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