Turbulent in a sentence

Examples of Turbulent in a sentence. 1. When the protestors began to outnumber the police standing outside city hall, the environment became turbulent.240+2 sentence examples: 1. They had been together for five or six turbulent years of rows and reconciliations. 2. He has had a turbulent. The river was swollen and turbulent. She was trapped in turbulent waters. But my Anchor holds in the turbulent sea. His gray eyes blaze like a turbulent storm. Examples of turbulent in a Sentence. Turbulent waters caused the boat to capsize. The sixties were a turbulent period in American history.Use ‘turbulent’ in a sentence | ‘turbulent’ example sentences · 1- The 1994–95 season was turbulent. · 2- The 1998–99 season was turbulent. · 3- Moderate.

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turbulent ride

Listen to A Turbulent Ride on Spotify. Tony Massaro Guitar Orchestra · Song · 2020.The meaning of TURBULENT is exhibiting physical turbulence. to fasten their seatbelts because of upper-air turbulence, which can make for a bumpy ride.Listen to Turbulent Ride on Spotify. Joey Skidmore · Song · 2017.With the recent surge in COVID cases, time spent traveling is dropping once again. Here we share how this turbulent ride is impacting travel. Check out Turbulent Ride by Joey Skidmore on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on Amazon.com.

meaning of turbulent

Definition of TURBULENT (adjective): when there is lots of uncontrolled change moving suddenly and violently in different directions.turbulent meaning, definition, what is turbulent: a turbulent situation or period of time ..: Learn more.1Characterized by conflict, disorder, or confusion not stable or calm. ‘It’s intense and turbulent and chaotic and calming and rhythmic all at the same time.Turbulent definition · Moving rapidly or violently. · Characterized by disorder, commotion, or unrest. · Full of commotion or wild disorder. · The definition of. turbulent · in which there is a lot of sudden change, trouble, argument and sometimes violence. a short and turbulent career in politics · (of air or water).

vociferously in a sentence

Examples of ‘vociferous’ in a sentence. vociferous · Both have hit some vociferous opposition. · We want to see the square policed for all, not for a vociferous. Sentences Mobile · I feel vociferously that I am helping to save the party. · She has been lobbying, vociferously, for a baby sister. · He was a renowned and. ‘She is one of over 30 delegates, most of them vociferously against the proposition.’ ‘These dogs will sometimes take to barking vociferously in order to. Definition of Vociferous. making a loud outcry. Examples of Vociferous in a sentence. 1. The protestors were vociferous as they screamed outside of the. Vociferous in a Sentence Examples · 1) Until you are not vociferous about your problems, others will not be able to help you. · 2) The mob was vociferous. · 3) The.

turbulent synonym

1 agitated, tumultuous, violent, tempestuous, disordered. See synonyms for turbulent on Thesaurus.com. QUIZ. QUIZ YOURSELF ON “IS”. turbulent Add to list Share · adjective. characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination. “a turbulent and unruly childhood”. synonyms: disruptive, Find 3319 synonyms for turbulent and other similar words that you can use instead based on 18 separate contexts from our thesaurus.What is the definition of TURBULENT? What is the meaning of TURBULENT? How do you use TURBULENT in a sentence? What are synonyms for TURBULENT?Synonyms for TURBULENT: wild, noisy, tumultuous, restless, lawless, excited, vociferous, inclement Antonyms for TURBULENT: tranquil, peaceful, at-ease,

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