The fccs requirement for radio stations relating to equal airtime

The FCC’s requirement for radio stations relating to equal airtime. prohibited broadcasters from selling or giving time to political candidates without. The FCC’s requirement for radio stations relating to equal airtime. (NOT) required broadcasters to air equal amounts of programming that supported both. SK McCraw — The federal equal time rule requires broadcasters to treat political candidates equally in terms of air time. Some see the rule as a violation of First. .. Commission (FCC) that required licensed radio and television broadcasters to present. by granting equal airtime to opposing candidates for public office.The equal-time rule specifies that American radio and television broadcast stations must provide an equivalent opportunity to any opposing political.

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which of the following was a common feature in the low choice media system quizlet

Which of the following is NOT a primary agent of political socialization? A. Media B. School C. Family. D. Common-carrier. C. Low-Choice Media SystemWhy is it important that the media perform the common-carrier function?. Which of the following describes a high-choice media system?journalists and media elite who determine which news stories are covered and which are. Low-Choice media environment: Television news in early evening, Among the following, the news media are MOST likely to focus on events that. are timely. One consequence of today’s high-choice media system is.Common-carrier function. High-choice media system. A media system in which audiences have such a wide range of choices that they can largely control the.

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