Synonym verbiage

Synonyms for VERBIAGE: circumlocution, diffuseness, diffusion, garrulity, garrulousness, logorrhea, long-windedness, periphrasis.synonyms for verbiage · circumlocution · expansiveness · floridity · long-windedness · loquacity · periphrasis · pleonasm · prolixity. Another word for verbiage: the excessive use of words | Collins English Thesaurus.Synonyms for VERBIAGE: wordage, logorrhea, chatter, perissology, loquacity, diction, parlance, pleonasm, talk, diffuseness, diffusion, long-windedness, What is another word for verbiage? garrulousness · logorrhea meandering · protractedness rambling · repetition tautology · verbalism waffle · wandering.

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verbiage define

noun · 1Excessively lengthy or technical speech or writing. ‘the basic idea here, despite all the verbiage, is simple’. More example sentences · 2US The way in. VERBIAGE meaning: speech or writing that contains too many words or that uses words that are more difficult than necessary.Verbiage definition · Verbiage is an excess of words to express what is meant. · An excess of words beyond those needed to express concisely what is meant. Definition of VERBIAGE (noun): long and boring written or spoken language.What Is Verbiage? · Verbiage is a noun that means a plethora of words—usually unwelcome ones. · Verbiage can also be used to refer to someone’s style or manner of.

jargon synonym

jargonnoun. Synonyms: gabble, gibberish, rigmarole, nonsense, balderdash, twaddle, palaver, flummery, moonshine, wish-wash, trash, stuff, unintelligible talk.Sense: a technical terminology unique to a particular subjectEdit. SynonymsEdit · argot · intalk · jargon · language [WS] lingo · parlance · phraseology. OTHER WORDS FOR jargon. 2 babble, gabble, twaddle. See synonyms for jargon on Synonyms. style expressive style ecobabble Eurobabble. Etymology. jargon (English). jargon (Old French (842-ca. 1400)). Featured Games. Sea Scrambler.What is another word for jargon? slang · patter terminology · idiom speech · parlance shoptalk · jive shop · tongue.

phrase synonym

Synonyms for Phrases · expressions · idioms · locutions · languages · slogans · expresses · words · mottoes.She has been the chairperson of science association and English literary group at university level. With her flair for language and writing, she. 1. phrase · An expression consisting of one or more words forming a grammatical constituent of a sentence. · misconstruction obviate 2. phrase · A short musical. Synonyms for phrase in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for phrase. 52 synonyms for phrase: expression, saying, remark, motto, construction, tag, quotation, maxim, expression, group of words, word group, construction, clause, locution, wording, term, turn of phrase, idiom, idiomatic expression, set phrase,

verbiage vs wording

How are the words Verbiage and Wording related? Verbiage and Wording are synonymous, and they have mutual synonyms.2US The way in which something is expressed wording or diction. ‘we need to look at how the rule should be applied, based on the verbiage’.Overabundance of words. Words collectively. (US) The manner in which something is expressed in words. The excessive use of words verbiage. Wording of a superabundant or superfluous character, abundance of words without necessity or without much meaning excessive wordiness. 2. Diction, wording, Verbiage is the correct spelling of this word. It refers to excessive, intricate language. You can remember to avoid verbage in favor of verbiage by using the.

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