Louise driscoll hold fast your dreams

Hold Fast Your Dreams by Louise Driscoll Hold fast your dreams! Within your heart Keep one still, secret spot Where dreams may go, And, Hold fast your dreams!. Where doubt and fear are not. O keep a place apart, Within your heart, For little dreams to go! Think still of lovely things that are. Oct 21, 2019 – ‘Hold Fast your Dreams’ Poem by Louise Driscoll (1875-1957), American Poet …Hold Fast to your Dreams / Louise Driscoll / Inspirational Sign / Dreamer Sign / Wood Sign. od 303,77 z?. ?adowanie. Ostatnie dost?pne sztuki.A reminder to never throw away your hearts desires, but to rather believe in the impossible and watch them thrive.

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Louise Driscoll (January 15, 1875 – July 24, 1957) was an American poet. She was a member of the Poetry Society American. The editors of Poetry, Category:Driscoll, Louise. Works by this person are most likely not public domain within the EU and in those countries where the copyright term is life. Louise Driscoll, American writer awarded prize of $100 by Poetry, Chicago, for poem, The Metal Cheeks, published 1914. Member Poetry Society American.Ms. Louise Driscoll is an American poet from New York, born in the town of Poughkeepsie. She is of Irish descent. She was born in 1875 and died in 1957! Says in. Poems by Louise Driscoll. Born in Poughkeepsie, educated by private teachers and in the public schools of Catskill, N.Y. Miss Driscoll first attracted.

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