Lanzon stela

Lanzón Stela, Building B, Chavín de Huántar (photo: Cyark, CC BY-SA 3.0). The god for whom the temple was constructed was represented in the Lanzón (left), The Lanzón is a granite stela that is associated with the Chavín culture. It is located in the Old Temple of Chavin de Huantar which rests in the central. File:Chavin lanzon stela cyark.jpg. Other carvings at Chavin de Huantar depict Lanzon clutching a Strombus shell in one hand and a Spondylus shell in the. Stela of Raimondi / Lanzon of the chavin culture. 680,50 z?. ?adowanie. Tylko 1 sztuka dost?pna. Z uwzgl?dnieniem ewentualnego podatku VAT, plus wysy?ka.The Sacred Lanzón Stela. The ceremonial core of Chavín de Huántar is marked by a stone-paved courtyard surrounded by towering steps of stones. This structure.

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Chavin culture

C KANO · 1979 · Cytowane przez 25 — ment of the feline cult in the pre-Chavin period are studied in connection with the Chavin culture. Abundant materials from the Wairajirca and Ko-.J Tello · 1941 · Cytowane przez 121 — DISCOVERY OF THE CHAVÍN CULTURE. IN PERU. JULIO C. TELLO v. Reprinted from American Antiquity, Volume IX, No. 1. For the Institute of Andean Research under. The archaeological site of Chavin gave its name to the culture that developed between 1500 and 300 B.C. in this high valley of the Peruvian Andes.Chavin Culture was a pre-Inca Peruvian culture, with centre in Huaraz region. May have originated in Amazon jungle. Spread to Cajamarca in North, The Chavin culture represents the first widespread, recognizable artistic style in Peru. Chavin art is very distinctive with unique metalwork, here especially.

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