Is 1-cos x even or odd

Determine if Odd, Even, or Neither f(x)=1+cos(x). f(x)=1+cos(x) f ( x ) = 1 + cos ( x ). Find f(?x) f ( – x ). Tap for more steps.1 Answer. As #cos (-x)=cos x, f(-x)=f(x). So, f(x) is an even function. Explanation:.All you need to remember is that an EVEN function has the y axis as its axis of symmetry. You could say that the y axis is the MIRROR LINE. Examples: ODD. Even. cos(x)=cos(?x), therefore cosine is an even function. Was this answer helpful?Yes, the domain is everything except odd multiples of ?, which is perfectly symmetrical, as you get ± the same odd numbers.

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