How many pages is 2400 words

Words per Page is a free online words to pages calculator which converts. There are times when it helps to know how many words per page you’re writing.A 24,000 word count will create about 48 pages with single spacing or 96 pages double-spaced when using normal 1-inch margins, 12 pt.Answer: 2500 words is 5 pages single spaced or 10 pages double spaced. Pages by Word Count. Use our handy table to discover how many pages a given word count. 1 page is 500 words single spaced, 250 words double spaced. 2 pages is 1,000 words single spaced, 500 words double spaced. 3 pages is 1,500. How many pages is a 2400 word essay? — What is a 1000 word essay? What does 850 words look like? How many pages is a 2400 word essay? How many pages.

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2400 words to pages double spaced

How long is a 2000 word speech? 10 minutes, 1,000 words, 1,600 words 15 minutes, 1,500 words, 2,400 words 20 minutes, 2,000 words, 3,200 words 25 minutes. 700 words is about 1.5 to 2 pages single spaced with a few titles mixed in (3 pages double-spaced) 1,800 words is about 3.5 to 4 pages. You can calculate words to pages on our website. To obtain the double spaced length, multiply the values in the last column by 2.How many words is 5 pages? The simple answer is – 1500 words if double spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 Font, Times New Roman. For more information visit our. Available spacing options: single spaced, 1.5, double spaced. Note: This calculator provides an indication only and works most accurately for an academic.

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