How many miles is 5 gallons of gas

You can drive between 20 to 30 miles on one gallon of gasoline.I personally drive an average of 325 miles with 5 gallons, as my average mpg for my car was 65 for the last 10000 miles or so.It outlines how many gallons of gas are left in your tank and how many miles you’ll be able to drive. This data is based on 2015 models, but. Miles to Gallons Calculator. Find out how many gallons of gas will be used (and the cost) when travelling a known amount of miles. For a successful calculation. The formula for calculating Miles Per Gallon is simply miles driven divided by gallons used. So to calculate the miles driven you take the miles.

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5 gallons of gas price

DALLAS (AP) — The average price that Americans pay for gasoline is closing in on $5 a gallon, another drain on the wallets of consumers who. The nationwide average price for a gallon of gasoline has topped $5 for the first time ever. Auto club AAA said the average price on. Cost of gas — Gas cost. Every car user spends money on gas. the average price of a gallon of regular gas in May 2014 was about $3.67.Consumers are managing high prices at the pump as the average cost of a gallon of unleaded gas cracks a new record.U.S. Gas Prices Hit a New High: $5 a Gallon. The unrelenting march higher continues as the average price touches a new milestone,

how many miles is 14 gallons of gas

17 gallons. Explanation: You are given that traveling 476 miles consumes 14 gallons of gas. You can rewrite this as a formula: 476×d=14×g.Question 696013: a van travels 280 miles on 14 gallons of gas. how many gallons are needed to travel 460miles. Answer by rfer(16320) · About Me. Also, if you enter the cost per gallon and how many miles you drive a day, it will estimate your monthly and yearly gas expenses.Jace’s car used 14 gallons to travel 378 miles. How far can he travel on 13 gallons?A 14 gallon tank of gas at $2.90 a gallon would cost you $40.60. So you can go 400 miles on $40.60 worth of gas. Now divide 400 miles by $40.60 and get the.

6 gallons of gas is how many miles

As the cost of gas goes up it becomes more and more important to use it. It is relatively easy to calculate how many miles per gallon you. A properly aligned car with adequately inflated tires will have better gas mileage than a car with worn-out tires. Your driving habits also. Find an answer to your question if it takes 4 gallons of gas to drive 92 miles, how many miles can be driven using 6 gallons of gas.Also, if you enter the cost per gallon and how many miles you drive a day, it will estimate your monthly and yearly gas expenses.The car traveled 180 miles on 6 gallons of gas, so it got 30 miles per gallon. So divide 1260 by 30 to find the number of gallons needed to go.

how many gallons of gas for 100 miles

Fuel consumption of 20 miles per (US-) Gallon. If you can’t find your car or the fuel consumption is different, select “Other vehicle” option. Fuel mileage calculations and conversion. Find out how many gallons of gas will be used (and the cost) when. Calculate Trip Gas Usage and Cost.How much will it cost to drive 100 miles?. Miles. Miles Per Gallon. MPG. Cost: Gallon of Gas. Cost of a 100 mi drive by MPG and Cost of Gasoline. Conversion mpg to gallon per 100mi (US). (US) Miles per gallon (mpg, US) is fuel consumption indicator. Therefore, this is, how many miles a vehicle moves. The cost of gas for a drive of 100 miles depends on how many miles per gallon (mpg) your car or truck uses and the price of gas along the way. The miles per.

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