How is satire used in top of the food chain

Answer: to indirectly criticize the use of pesticides. is the correct answer ! <3. acobdarfq and 23 more users found this answer helpful.Because it offers criticism in an indirect way To indirectly criticize the use of pesticides.Satire is a tool often used by authors to ridicule and criticize others. Sometimes, authorsuse satire to expose foolishness found in government in an. How is satire used in "Top of the Food Chain"?O A. To provide information about a true event. O B. To indirectly criticize the use of. Satire often highlights folly and is used as a tool for communicating political criticism. Its humor attacks a target or situation of which the author.

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what is the effect of having an unreliable narrator

An unreliable narrator, however, holds a distorted view of the events, which leads to an inaccurate telling of the story. This can give readers. Obviously, unreliable narrators can greatly affect our storytelling. having other characters or situations point out inconsistencies in.. Unreliable narrators may generate ambiguity and distort reality enabling us to draw our own judgments. For example how would you tell a who-done-it mystery. Unreliable Narrator is a character who tells the reader a story and whose credibility has been seriously compromised. This may be because the point of view. The unreliable narrator as a literary device can be used for dramatic effect to create an ending with a twist (such as Gone Girl), or can be.

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