Heureux plural

Adjectiv Declinarea adjectivului heureux Singular, Plural Masculin, heureux, heureux Feminin, heureuse · heureuses. heureux (j?zyk francuski)Edytuj. wymowa: IPA: [œ.?ø] ·. znaczenia: przymiotnik. (1.1) szcz??liwy: (1.2) zadowolony: (1.3) pomy?lny, sprzyjaj?cy.Comparison of heureux, tables for many French adjectives, comparison, all forms, adverbs) Plural trainer (Formation of the plural of French nouns). Tureng Dictionary and Translation Ltd. Tureng Multilingual Dictionary offers you an extensive dictionary where you can search terms in English, French, Heureux (feminine singular heureuse, masculine plural heureux, feminine plural heureuses) happy Synonym: content Antonym: malheureux.

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Heureux odmiana

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