Graphing position vs time

The shapes of the position versus time graphs for these two basic types of motion – constant velocity motion and accelerated motion (i.e., changing velocity) -. The slope of a position graph represents the velocity of the object. So the value of the slope at a particular time represents the velocity of the object at. The position vs. time graph aims to analyze and identify the type of motion. In addition, using a position-time graph, one can find displacement. In this type of graph, the y-axis represents position relative to the starting point, and the x-axis represents time. A position-time graph. Then draw a position vs. time graph describing the motion. Have students help you complete the graph. Is the line straight? Is it curved?

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the x axis of a position-time graph represents

the y-axis of a position-time graph represents

position vs time graph calculator

velocity vs time graph

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