Find the length of cd

From eqn(2), CD = 3b/4 = 3*60/4 = 180/4 = 45 m. Length of CD is 45 m. dome7w and 46 more users found this answer helpful. heart outlined.Length of CD is 7.2 unit approx Option D.Step-by-step explanation:Given,The two points are C(3,-2) and D(7,-8).To find the length of CD.In the given figure, AB || DE. Find the length of CD.If AC = 13.5 cm and CD = 4.5 cm calculate the length of BC. · Figure · Calculate (7)3?33. · In the figure given above, what is the value of x? · Find the value. Given, BC = 15 m angle ADE = 22° angle ACB =47 ° tan22°=AEDEtan22°DE=AE ———(1) again, tan47°=ABBC tan47°=(AE+BE)BC we know, BCDE is a rectangle , so, CD.

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find the length of gh

EXAMPLE 4 Compare segments for congruence To find the length of a vertical segment, find the absolute value of the difference of the y -coordinates of the. Question 1156943: Solve for X and find the length of GH Found 2 solutions by ikleyn, MathLover1:. Top Elite Math Tutors. Super qualified math tutors from top universities will solve your math problems. Isn’t it unbelievable?Solution for Find the length of GH: *(Round to one decimal place) G 35° F 18.4 in.What is the length of GH? A. 24 B.36 C. 48 D?50 2. overline GI=- -J A.12 B.24 C.36 D?48 3. Find the length of IJ?

find the length of rs

Transcribed image text: Find the length of RS to the nearest tenth given the radius of 00 is 7 m, OA is 4 m and OALRS G a 5.7 m b ? 4.0 m 11.5 m 33.0 m d.Click here to get an answer to your question ?? Find the length of RP , if P divides the line segment RS = 12 cm in the ratio of 3:5 .EXAMPLE 3 Find lengths using Theorem 10.16 Use the figure at the right to find RS. SOLUTION 256= x 2 + 8x 0= x 2 + 8x – 256 RQ 2 = RS RT 16 2 = x (x +.Still have questions? Find more answers now. Find Answers. Math-Learning Different. google. So length of line segment RS if R(-4,-3) and S(1,9) is. ?{(1+4)^2+(9+3)^2}. Length of RS is 13 units. Find the slope of the given line as follows:.

what is the length of bc in the figure below

See the answerSee the answer See the answer done loading. In the figure below, the length of BC is A 0.7 42 35 B C. Show transcribed image text. Triangle ?ABC is shown in the figure below. The measure of ?A is 40°, AB = 18 cm, and AC =. of the following is the length, in centimeters, of BC?Now put all the values in the above expression, we get the value of side BC. Therefore, the length of BC in the right triangle is, 75. cover image.Tough and Tricky questions: Geometry. Image In the figure above, what is the length of segment BC ? (1) x = 90 (2) The perimeter of ?ABC is. 34. In the figure below, the length of BC is a. 8sin 36 °. b. 8cos 36 °. c. 8tan 36 °. d.6. e. 10. Question. user avatar image.

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