De has endpoints d 0 3

de has endpoints d(0,3) and e(0,12). find the length of de and round to nearest tenth.Answer: The length of side DE is 9 units. Step-by-step explanation: Given that the co-ordinates of the end-points of DE are D(0, 3) and E(0, 12). If DE is dilated by a scale factor of 2 and the center of dilation is 0 0 what are the coordinates of D and E. A line segment has endpoints C-3-6 and D-6-4.Top Elite Math Tutors. Super qualified math tutors from top universities will solve your math problems. Isn’t it unbelievable?Line segment BA has endpoints B -30 and A 54. All we need to do now is use the endpoint formula from the above section. If DE is dilated by a scale factor of 2.

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