Contact force between two blocks

Two blocks are kept in contact as shown in figure. · If 10 N force is applied on bigger block as shown in figure then, the contact force between two block is [. Work = F•d or force * distance * cos? where ? is the angle between the force and the motion. In this case that angle = 0° The direction of force isn’t always. a = m/s². Then the force exerted on mass m2 can be determined. = N. Note that the share of the force necessary to accelerate the second mass is independent of. The Problem. Two blocks are in contact on a frictionless table. A horizontal force is applied to one blocok, as shown in Figure A. If m1 = 2.3 kg, 3 dni temu — ( sum F(“net”))(x) =ma rArr N(1) – 30 = 3 ( 2) rArr N(1) = 36 N To find contact force between A & B we draw F.B.D. of 5 kg block rArr N(2).

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