A cube has 5 inch edges what is its volume

A cube has 5-inch edges. What is its volume? – 14826782. The answer should be 125 cubic inches. Step-by-step explanation: Still stuck?We use the formula for getting the volume of cube. Which is V = a^3. If we have a 5 inch edge and the area of a square is A=s^2 then A=5^2Goofus has a treasure box in the shape of a cube with 5 inch edges. What is the volume of his treasure box?Volume = 4.5*4.5*4.5 = 91.125 cubic inches. What is the volume of a cube whose surface area is 96 square inches? V = 64 cubic inches.The word cube indicates that all sides are the same dimension. So if a side is 5 cm all dimensions are 5 cm and volume is equal to length × width × depth.

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what is the volume of a regular cube if one side is 5 inches long

The cube is also known as a regular hexahedron and is one of the five. If the volume of a cube is 216 cubic inches, can you find the length of its side?If you know how to multiply you can find the volume of a cube or box. the sides anything you like as long as you get the measurement for each of the. The volume is equal to 53 or 125 cubic inches.So with a side length of 7 inches, the volume is. If one of the smaller cubes has side lenghts of 1.5 cm, what is the approximate volume of a whole. Because cubes are made of six squares, calculating the volume is made easy with the formula: Volume = Side * Side * Side.

a cuboid is 8 cm long, 4 cm wide and 5 cm high. what is its volume?

RD Sharma Solutions Class 8 Mathematics Solutions for Volume Surface Area Cuboid Cube. Length of a cuboid = 5 cm. 4 cm. Let height of cuboid be ‘h’ cm.Answer: Step-by-step explanation: Here is your answer : Cuboid. Length l of cuboid = 8 cm. Breadth b of cuboid = 5 cm. Height h of cuboid. Free solutions for Mathematics class 8th RD Sharma Chapter 22 – Volume Surface Area Cuboid Cube Volume Surface Area Cuboid Cube Exercise 21.1 question 5.Smaller volumes are measured in cubic centimetres (cm3) or cubic millimetres (mm3). The volume of the cuboid = 4 × 2 × 3 = 24 cm3. length. width. height.A = 0.5 x 4 cm x 1 cm = 2 cm2. Triangle no. 5: base = 2 cm height = 3 cm. Note that in a square the length and width are equal and that in a rectangle.

the volume of a cube of edge 3cm is

Take an empty box with open top in the shape of a cube whose each edge is 2 cm. Now fit cubes of edges 1 cm in it. From the figure it is clear that 8 such cubes. Since we have the volume, we must take the cube root of the volume to find the length of any one side (since it is a cube, all of the sides are equal).Answer: volume of cube.(side)*3. then edge=3. volume=(3)*3=27cm*3. o2z1qpv and 8 more users found this answer helpful. heart outlined.Edges of Parallelepiped: 8 cm., 9 cm., 3 cm. Find: Edge of Cube. Plan: Use volumes to get and equation to find the cube’s edge. Volume Parallelepiped (Vp). Find an answer to your question What is the volume of the cube whose edge is 3cm ?

cube with a side length of 2/5 cm

The side of a cube is 2.5 metre, the volume of the cube to the correct. Given, side of the cube a=2.5m. A cube has a side of length 1.2×10?2m.We know, volume of a cube = (side × side × side) cubic units. Here, side = 13 cm. Therefore, volume of a cube = 2197 cubic cm.Enter the known value. In our case, we know that a standard Rubik’s Cube measures 5.7 centimeters (2 1?4 in) on each side. Wow, that was. Given, the side of a cube is 5 cm. Total surface area of cube =6× (side)2 =6×5×5 =150 ? The total surface area of cube is 150 cm2. · The side of a cube is 25 cm. Since cubes have side lengths that are equal and we find the volume by displaystyle V=s*s*s, then the side length of a cube with a volume of displaystyle 512.

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