60 tens is the same as how many hundreds

60 tens means 60×10=600 which is the same as 6 hundreds that mean 6×100=600.So they both are the same. grendeldekt and 2 more users found this. 6six6 x 100 = 600 = 60 x 10.Here we will show you how to calculate and give you the answer to “What is 60 tens?” The total value of 60 tens can be calculated as follows: 60 tens:60 tens is the same as how many hundreds · 3 tens equal how many ones · 60 inches equals how many centimeters.Answer: 3/5. Based on the given conditions, formulate: 60 / 100 Reduce the fraction: 3/5 Answer: 3/5.

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what is the value of 56 tens

Place Values of the Digits in 56. Place Value Chart. Places, Tens, Ones. The solution above and all other place value solutions were provided by the. To round 56 to the nearest tens place.. The digit in the tens place in your number is the 5. To begin the rounding, look at the digit one place to the. 56 tens = 560. 28 tens + 5 ones = 285. 75 – 3 tens = 45. blocks used to show place value. shows the value of each digit. 385 = 300 + 80 +5. Let us look at the digit 6 in the number 64. It is in the tens place of the number. 6 tens = 60 So, the place value of 6 is 60.A number has more than one tens the value of the tens digit is 50the ones digit in the number is less than 7what are the possible numbers?

60 hundreds

Ma · 60 x 100 = ? ??. Writeacher. Oct 9, 2013 · What’s the answer. ??. Leah. Oct 15, 2020 · your responses are bad.Listen to 60 Hundred on Spotify. Haze Blazemore · Song · 2019.Now that we know what the conversion factor is, we can easily calculate the conversion of 60 hundred to million by multiplying 0.0001 by the number of hundreds. Nikolas has been asking me to make a super hero video for a while now. This isn’t quiet what he had in mind (no one exploded) but we fun putting this. 6000= 60 hundreds. Hope u understand. plz mark it as brainliest. kattyahto8 and 2 more users found this answer helpful. heart outlined.

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