0.036 in scientific notation

3.6xx10^(-2) As per the question, we have 0.036 =36/1000 =3.6/100 =3.6/10^2 =3.6xx1/10^2 =3.6xx10^(-2) Hence, the answer.How to write 0.036 in scientific notation? The number 0.036 in scientific notation is written as 3.6 × 10-2. Scientific notation is a way of expressing. To convert a decimal to scientific notation, you first need to divide the number by a power of ten such that the result has units as the greatest place. Scientific Notation: Tiger Algebra not only writes the number 0.036 in scientific notation, but its clear, step-by-step explanation of the solution helps to. Convert to Regular Notation 0.036*10^4. 0.036?104 0.036 ? 10 4. Since the exponent of the scientific notation is positive, move the decimal point 4 4.

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